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Chiapas Amber Featured in Castleberry Hill Art Stroll

Chiapas Amber

Amber Jewelry from Simojovel mines in Chiapas, Mexico


No Mas! and 925.MX will feature hand selected original jewelry made from Chiapas Amber as part of the Castleberry Hill August 12th Art Stroll. The Chiapas Amber is mined from the Simojovel region of Chiapas, Mexico, where the owners frequently travel. Unlike some other amber, the amber from this region is clear throughout. According to Wiki, much of the amber is 25 million years old, with high quality. No Mas! has curated select Chiapas Amber from Simojovel after visiting the region numerous times. The mines are over 100km from Tuxtla, Gutierez, where it is said that 95% of Chiapas Amber is from.

Jewelry Made from Chiapas Amber

The most notable use of this mineral is jewelry. The unique characteristics of each piece of Chiapas Amber ensured by its shape, transparency, and fossilized plants…and even insects, which bring higher value. The collection exhibited during the downtown Atlanta Castleberry Hill Art Stroll on July 8, 2016, will include pieces of all designs: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Combined with .925 and .950 Sterling Silver

925.MX and No Mas! Hacienda – The Best of Mexico will have an exhibit of amber jewelry and amber combined with silver, exclusively designed earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants.

350 Artisans Under One Roof

Amber Jewelry is one category of product from Mexico that is exhibited in the 11,000 sq. ft. Artisan Market. While there, you can discover the artwork from other regions of Mexico as well.

20 Years of Experience

Discover “Mas” in the blog written about the broader region of Chiapas, Mexico and the travels of our business here. No Mas! celebrates its 20th year of discovering, designing, and importing from Mexico. The owners are residents of Mexico and take great pride in creating new concepts for restaurants and hospitality projects. This exhibit will be opened July 8th, in time for the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll, and continues through the coming months.

Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll September 9, 2016

Visit for more information on the monthly art stroll and exhibiting galleries.

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