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Originally hand woven as fishing baskets, each basket can do double duty as an eye catching decorative light. If you travel much to Mexico there are many resorts and Mexican Restaurants from Puerto Penasco to Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita to Acapulco, Guerrero that have made lights from these curious, beehive shaped fishing baskets.  If you haven’t been able to get South of the Border and have made the trip to Atlanta GA to visit No Mas! Cantina you have surely seen the trees decorated with these glowing basket lights.

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Many restaurants in the USA have chosen basket lights to adorn the trees and even interior corners of their dining rooms. A basket light is the perfect way to add illumination and these lights have a hand made texture that is quite unique. As an accent each basket light is perfect to set your space apart from the ordinary …. make it extraordinary! You can even add a rope to each basket light then group the baskets in a big bunch for more impact. Basket lights are now available for purchase from No Mas! Productions, Inc and ship to the USA from Atlanta, GA.

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Basket lights can be used in many architectural locations for a tropical warmth. When using a clear light bulb the light from the basket throws very interesting patterns on nearby walls. They are great to hang on under a trellis or from the eves of the roof. Find an empty corner of the deck and light it up with a single basket light or a grouping. Even in the garden a basket light or three will bring a interestingly cozy glow.

Nasas Basket LIghts

Each basket light is illuminated with a single bulb and can even use an energy efficient fluorescent bulb. The glow is magical against the night sky. They can be easily hung in trees with simple wiring. Try changing bulb colors for different holidays! They will change a drap setting into a delightful gathering point. The charm of a basket light is hard to refuse and because they are so unusual all of your guests wil leave talking about how cool they are.

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The large sphere woven light is an alternative to the more natural basket light. It is woven to an iron frame that gives it a more geometrically round shape. They are available in a variety of sizes: 12″ – 14″ – 16″ – 20″ – 24″ – 30″ – 40″ diameters. A collection of woven basket lights is perfect for an entertaining area in a restaurant or home environment.

For large spaces we have 40” woven spheres. They can be hung in groups of varying sizes to give a bigger impact and delightful interior lighting scenario in a large open area. The spheres look magical in groups hung from a woven ceiling disk as a huge canopy. Use amber bulbs if you want a low rich ambiance….clear bulbs cast enticing patterns and give off a wonderful light for dining. Each woven sphere basket light is made of rapid growth cane.

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