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This is the story of the inspiration, passion and resources that make it possible for the artisans to create their handicrafts.

No Mas! - Handbags from Upcycled Book Covers

Timely Handbags Made from Books – Upcycled for Fashion Savvy Woman

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Now for Fashion! These unusual handbags, made in Mexico from reused Mexican books, with titles en Español, have found a second life for fashion savvy women.  Truly “pocketbooks”!  Rescued from no longer wanted libraries, these unique upcycled book purses have become a fashion accessory with something to say.  The covers range from colorful to […]

Oaxaca - horse grinding for Tequila

Discovering Teotitlan del Valle Oaxacan Artisans + Culinary Traditions-Day 3

Day 3: San Pablo Villa de Mitla Mezcal is one reason to visit this town, but the archaeological ruins of the Zapotecs is another.  There were artisan stands selling local folk art, Mexican toys, embroidered blouses, and handwoven rugs from the neighboring towns of Teotitlan del Valle and Santa Ana Domingo.  We purchased some flutes, […]

Benito Nieto, silver & gemstones jewelry artist from Mexico

Jewelry Artist Benito Nieto of Mexico

“I love making new designs for No Mas!” – Benito Nieto How We Discovered Benito Nieto We didn’t expect to buy silver; we were just enjoying a Sunday afternoon on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Among all the other beach vendors, one stood out. Abraham was selling his cousin’s handmade sterling silver bracelets. All were […]


Discovering Oaxaca: San Martin Tilcajete Alebrijes + Authentic Mexican Food-Day 6

Day 6: San Martin Tilcajete Located about 25km South of Oaxaca and a stone throw from San Bartolo Coyotepec, this town is known for its Alebrijes: colorful, whimsical, hand painted wood animals.  After making the turn from the main highway, we proceeded down the main street lined with artisan shops, each with their own style and […]


Cocucha Pottery of Mexico

An Exciting Trip Driving a rented Volkswagen Bug in the summer of 2000, we bounced our way around the circumference of lake Patzcuaro and headed west toward Ocumichu.  Along the way, we found the artist, Bulmaro, and the whole Alejos family in San José de Gracia, near Patamban.  They were working on making huge ceramic water vessels, called “Cocuchas”, when […]

Best of Mexico-No Mas! Productions

Discovering Oaxaca Mexican Artisans + Culinary Traditions

Exploring Oaxaca Our most recent travels took us to the state of Oaxaca. Among its humble and then stately cityscape, Oaxaca has a cultural richness like no other. The generations of progress here, as in so many areas of the world, has not completely erased the traditional dress of the indigenous people. Culinary delights are […]


Jacobo Angeles, Mexican Alebrijes Folk Artist, Visits Atlanta 3/27/15

The Art of Alebrijes Jacobo Angeles, Mexican Alebrijes Folk Artist, will visit No Mas! Hacienda and Cantina March 27, 2015. Jacobo and his wife Maria are world renowned master artisans from the small Oaxaca village of San Martin Tilcajete, located about 25km south of Oaxaca.  The village is known for its Alebrijes: colorful, whimsical, hand painted […]


Jewelry Artist, Maria Belen, Featured for Castleberry Art Stroll

Maria Belen Nilson Featured in Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll, December 12 No Mas! Hacienda is featuring Sterling Silver Jewelry Artist, Maria Belen Nilson, from Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, during the December 12th Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll. Discovering New Jewelry Artisans No Mas! discovered Maria Belen Nilson in 2010. Born in Argentina, she […]

Handcrafted nativity from Mexico - in a car!

Handcrafted Nativity Sets from Mexico

‘Tis the Season …to discover these unique handcrafted nativity sets created by Mexican artisans.  The representation of the birth of Jesus was interpreted by folk artists we have found in Mexico. Nativity Scenes with a Unique Interpretation Whether you are looking for “Day of the Dead” nativity scenes, with Catrina type figures, or the even […]

Tree of Life

Metepec Mexico: Discovering the Tree of Life

Magical City Metepec Mexico, the home of the Tree of Life or Arbol de Vida art form, which originated there, is well known for its pottery, glassware, and saddle making. It has the distinction of Pueblo Magico, or Magical City, awarded in 2012 by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism for its quality of life, beautiful location, […]

Castleberry Hill Art Walk

Mexican Artist Antonio “Shaman” Salas Villalvazo featured at No Mas! Hacienda

Antonio “Shaman” Salas Villalvazo – Artist to be featured during Castleberry Hill Art Stroll Friday, July 11 2014 at No Mas! Hacienda “The favorite” – local artist (Tribune) About the Artist Born in Michoacán, Mexico in 1966. Studied ten years for priesthood in the Mayor Seminary of Autlán Jalisco, México, where he finished his studies […]

No Mas! handcrafted Catrinas by Mexican artist Erik Fuentes

Original Handcrafted Catrina Sculptures by Mexican Artist Erik Fuentes

Erik Fuentes’ Original Catrina Sculptures: Dia de los Muertos Art from Michoacan, Mexico A young Mexican artist with a great talent, Erik Fuentes, only in his early twenties, demonstrates great skill in the creation of these works of art, referred to generally as “Catrinas” (the male figures as “Catrines”).  Painstakingly sculpted in minute detail, the […]

Cesar Plascencia Artist Photo Realistic Painter

Cesar Plascencia

No Mas! Paints Bright Future for Mexican Artists No Mas! brings Mexican photorealistic painter, Cesar Plascencia, to Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill Art Stroll, November 11, 2011, which runs 7-10pm. The vivid, expressive paintings of Cesar Plascencia, who was personally trained by the renowned artist David Villasenor, will be on display at No Mas! this November, with […]