Decor How To: Get Creative with Accessories

Decor Essential: Let There Be Light!

NoMas-Blown-Glass-Colored-PendantsNoMas-basketlights-castpatternsAddition of lighting as a design element in your decor adds a new dimension to a room.  When the light fixture itself is an accessory, it adds flair and expression.   Playing with the light creates mood, texture, and depth.  Hand blown glass pendants or sconces, chandeliers, stars, or lanterns, even self-lit wall art, all enliven the space – an indispensable element of decor.

NoMas-blown-glass-tulip-pendants-green-yellow-red-dots-CUNo Mas! offers an extensive collection of lighting, functional works of art that extend lighting into a whole new dimension of accessory.  Chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants – in blown glass, wrought iron, even onyx stone.  The intricate shadows cast by many No Mas! lights bring additional texture and mood to your space.


Every Wall a Blank Canvas

NoMas-Shaman-painting-detail No Mas - "Blanco", Cesar PlascenciaPaintings and wall art set the tone of your room, adding personality.  All the elements in a room create a conversation, telling the visitor a story and creating an environment conducive to relaxing, working, creativity, thoughtful conversation, or whatever the room’s creator had in mind.

Mirrors, in addition to being intriguing wall art with many shapes and types of framing, increase the dimension of the room, with the reflections perceived   as additional space.


A Well Cushioned RoomNoMas-ChiapasEmbroideredPillow

Pillows both visually soften the feel of the room and cushion your repose.  Choosing throw pillows with solid colors, patterns, embroidery… refines the color scheme of a room, accenting the intended mood.  Monochromatic may calm in subdued shades or add a strong pop in bolder colors.  Stripes may raise energy, when bright, or give a feeling of order, with pastels or neutrals.  Flowers and patterns lift the mood.  Steer your decor to the mood you want in any room.


Where to Begin?

NoMas sculpture with heartChoosing an accessory, whether a piece of art or a pillow, to base your room decor design and color choices on will help keep your design on track, for a fully pulled together look.  NoMas-orange-blown-glass-bowl-XCUA favorite piece expresses your taste and personality, giving an anchor point for a cohesive look.  From your inspiration piece, choose two or three colors.  First, think of the mood you want in the room.  Choosing wall color will play a large role, and the psychology of color will help with your selection.  Paint-colors-Fan-Deck-UltraLocal hardware and paint stores will have paint chips for you to play with – take your time, then try several paint samples on the walls before making your final choice.


When a Chair Is Not a Chair

No Mas!® original nest chair, pedestal version, silla cupa No Mas! suede barrel chairs with wall luminary art, decor worthy of a second look.Your furnishings will be showcased against the wall color.  Lighter colored furniture will lift, darker will anchor.  Accessories and accents pieces add an additional layer and expressiveness.  From wall art and paintings, to strategically placed ceramics, to deftly arrange lighting, the room is your canvas.NoMas-large-equipal-chair

Remember: it’s all about individual expression.  And what could be more personal than your decor?

And we’re always here to help you realize your vision!


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