Dia de los Muertos - Erik Fuentes' Catrinas

Dia de los Muertos, Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos, a Celebration of Life

The Mexican culture views death as a natural part of life.  Loved ones who have passed are honored on Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), their lives celebrated with dinners, picnics at the graveside, photos, marigold flowers (Flor de Muerto), candles, food offerings, and parades.  The “Catrina”, a skeleton figure dressed in fancy clothes, was first drawn as an etching in the early 1900’s by José Guadalupe Posada.  The figure of the Catrina was later adopted as an emblem for Dia de los Muertos, both in fancy dress and in various walks of life.  It is a tongue in cheek image, a little fun in celebration of the day.  Sugar skulls painted with flowers and bright patterns, and face painting in the same style, are common on the day.

No Mas! offers the delicate ceramic Catrinas of Erik Fuentes, lively paper mache versions, calacas (skeletons), and vividly painted ceramic skulls (calaveras) in our Artisan Market.

Dia de los Muertos Special Foods

No Mas! Cantina - Mexican PlatterTraditional foods served on Dia de los Muertos include Pan de Muerto, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Churros, Tamales, and Mole.  Pan de Muerto, a slightly sweet bread, varying by region, often flavored with anise seeds and orange water, may be shaped as a circle of bones or include a teardrop shape for the goddess Chimalma’s tears for the living.  Favorite foods of the loved one are also prepared.


No Mas! Beso de Muerto Margarita - for Dia de los MuertosCelebrate Dia de los Muertos at No Mas!

Every year, No Mas! creates a tradional Dia de los Muertos altar and celebrates the season with our famous Beso de Muerto blood orange margarita, with a flaming sugar skull.  Our Mexican Platter, a great choice, and tamales, hot churros, and Mexican hot chocolate, also traditional on this holiday.  Reserve now.



No Mas! large Talavera catrinaCatrinas

The colorful skeletal figures, based on the original etching by José Guadalupe Posada, have become an emblem of the holiday.  Delicately crafted from ceramic clay, paper mache, brightly painted or natural pottery, we’ve brought many styles to the No Mas! Artisan Market.  From small paper mâché hanging ornaments, to figures five feet tall, individual painted skulls, and maracas.








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