Discovering Atzompa Oaxaca Mexican Artisans + Culinary Traditions – Day 2

Best of Mexico-No Mas! ProductionsDay 2: Santa Maria Atzompa Clay Pottery and Barro Verde (Green Pottery) and the Monte Alban Ruins

Atzompa is located just 5 km from Oaxaca and adjacent to the Monte Alban ruins. The town is know for its green pottery and red pottery. Our first stop was the Mercado de Artesanias. Here, Best of Mexico-No Mas! Productionsyou can see the work of the cooperating Oaxaca Mexican artisans from the town all under one roof.

Each exhibit had products and a placard of the artist with the address if you wanted to see more and visit them personally.


Oaxaca Mexican Artisans

Best of Mexico-No Mas! ProductionsBest of Mexico-No Mas! ProductionsBest of Mexico-No Mas! ProductionsWe met Dona Doretea the day before in the artisan market in Oaxaca and decided to come see the rest of her exhibit in her town, Atzompa. When we arrived, she was nBest of Mexico-No Mas! Productionsot there and her niece who answered the
door said she knew nothing of her Aunt’s work and didn’t let us look.
As you drive down the main road, many of the homes are built of corrugated metal and signs of poverty are prevalent. The work of Angelica Vasquez Cruz stood out as remarkable. We found her house and workshop toward the top of the hill, rather than on the main road where most of the others resided. She was not there personally, but her daughter let us in to see some of the masterpieces. One wall was lined with her diplomas, awards, and recognition as one of the masters of Mexican Folk Art.

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