Beautiful is the word for recycled/upcycled glass in these gorgeous hand blown wine glasses from No Mas!

Earth Day – Every Day at No Mas!

Earth Day as a Way of Life

Earth Day reminds us to “think green” and upcycle, reduce, reuse, & recycle.  Here at No Mas!, that is a long time tradition.  Mexican artisans use materials at hand to create their original functional works of art. At No Más! Hacienda & Cantina, many items available throughout the showroom and restaurant are made of recycled, reclaimed, or repurposed materials and objects, such as doors, cattle feeders, canoes, glass, tin, and steel.

It Isn’t “Old” – It Has Character!

Wood develops pleasing characteristics as it ages, in hue and texture, which makes a unique contribution to a new piece, whether used as simply a source for lumber or when a piece is repurposed or incorporated into something entirely new. Classic style or an original design, from bars to bedroom sets, the selection throughout No Más! Hacienda furnishings gallery includes everything from classic to rustic, modern, and original.

Glass Endlessly Morphs

No Mas! hand blown wine glasses, with a custom twist. From confetti to opalescence.

Gleaming glassware, from Margarita to martini, confetti to opalescence

Glass from many sources is melted and used – and reused –  in all its vivid hues in the making of blown glass. No Más! Hacienda’s own custom designs abound throughout the showroom and restaurant. Pendant lights, floor lamps, vases, glasses, and pitchers, in any hue or “confettied”, add a bright spot to any room and make delightful gifts.

No Mas! hand blown glass pendant lights, recycling & upcycling

Blown glass, the recycling material extraordinaire.  From colored glass to clear, remelting and reforming is truly a work of art; just take a look at these gorgeous pendant lights.


Wrought Iron Relives

Steel formed for one use can be repurposed artistically or formed in its molten state to any shape desired. Wrought iron bar stools, canopy beds, lamp bases, sculpture, wall art, candelabras in many forms, ornamentation & hardware, tables, doors – the list is endless.

The Tin Man Never Had It So Good

Tin lends itself to the imagination; an amazingly “plastic” material. Lamps, lights, shades, accessories – and with the varied finishes from a silvery shine to a coppery hammered texture, it works in any décor.

Shop No Mas! for Earth Friendly Everything

So many items at No Mas! support the environment through putting less stress on the earth’s resources – to name just a few:

No Mas! book purses, upcycled from discarded book covers

Truly unique purses, made from a discarded library of book jackets, with meticulously crafted linings and details

No Mas! pop top purses, belts, and dog collars; incorporating upcycled innertubes

What is that texture? – pop tops! These silvery or colorful purses, dog collars, and belts are upcycled aluminum pop tops – from briefcase sized bags to sparkly evening clutches.



No Mas! wrapper wallets, upcycling wrappers, labels, and cans, including Coke

What’s that in your pocket? A cleverly upcycled Coke label wallet! – or choose from a wide assortment of other labels, prints, and packages, all now useful, multipocketed wallets.


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