Jewelry Artist, Maria Belen, Featured for Castleberry Art Stroll


Maria Belen Nilson Featured in Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll, December 12

No Mas! Hacienda is featuring Sterling Silver Jewelry Artist, Maria Belen Nilson, from Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, during the December 12th Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll.

Discovering New Jewelry Artisans

No Mas! discovered Maria Belen Nilson in 2010. Born in Argentina, she married a Mexican national and has lived in Mexico since 1994. Her work is diverse, yet distinctive. Her passion for Frida Kahlo and William Spratling reflects in her style and collections. She has also been featured as a Novica artist.

No Mas! Hacienda: Dedicated to Mexican Artisans

No Mas! Hacienda has a dedicated exhibit of Maria’s finest work on display for upcoming Castleberry Hill Art Stroll.


About the Artist

As a silver jewelry designer, Maria Belen explains that, when she thinks about Mexico,  the rich tapestry which is the essence of this country’s culture is what most inspires her designs. Passion, emotion, and feeling are the essence as she creates each individual jewelry design. Maria loves fashion and creates her magical pieces to enmesh with its beauty with pride, transforming the pure silver that has made Mexico famous.  She recognizes the talent of the silversmith’s hands and incorporates materials that such as wood and natural stone that have been utilized for many generations.

Maria strongly values and puts much faith in the human touch. Her designs are created using the age old methods, rather than modern industrial shortcuts. Her creations support the art form. She strives to preserve the artistry and heritage in her work, respecting the culturally rich history of Mexico’s silversmiths.



Maria’s Inspiration

In her designs, Maria melds drama, purity, and also texture. Her inspiration comes from the raw materials. She has a great recognition of the many things that have come to represent her Mexico. She believes that by including detail from within the traditions of the many indigenous races that comprise the multifaceted color of Mexico, she will allow the wearer of her jewelry to feel some of the rich tradition and culture of this beautiful land.


Symbols which are distinctly indigenous in their significance and spirit are incorporated using raw materials such as wood and stone, which give each piece texture. Maria’s “Purity” collection puts its focus on the raw material, showing the depth and beauty of the silver as the main focus. This collection  complements any wardrobe, as its clean lines naturally reflect the beauty of the wearer.


Her Philosophy

Maria believes that maintaining the human craftsmanship throughout the fabrication process is of utmost importance. She sees great value in the artisan’s skill and knows the wearer will feel this patience and consideration of detail, which is present in every piece. Maria has achieved an exquisite reputation for quality, authenticity of design, and impeccable production. Her attention to detail in every step of the production process is evident in the finished work. For every collection, Maria designs with a passion for life, and this is what has made her success as a silver artist.

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