No Mas - Adam Acrobata Sentado by Jose Torres

Jose Torres Original Sculptures at No Mas!

No Mas - Jose Torres ARTIST

Jose Torres, artist from Jalisco

Jose Torres, both a sculptor and painter from Jalisco, Mexico, began his sculptures as cast bronze.  Later, he began experimenting with recreating the sculptures in ceramic with a faux bronze painted finish.  Incorporating his painting talents, Jose further developed the look of the figurative sculptures with abstract painted surfaces.  He continues to explore both surface treatments and subject interpretation, with semi-abstracted forms and creative visions of wings and headdresses.

No Mas - Granjero Chico Con Alas by Jose TorresThe owners of No Mas!, Steve MacNeil & Walt Bilinski have been acquainted with Jose Torres for decades, watching his career progress.  They are pleased to offer Jose’s most recent sculptural work for exhibit at No Mas! Hacienda gallery No Mas - Sirena Acostada Pies Arriba by Jose Torresshowroom.  The Jose Torres sculptures are also available for purchase.  You are invited to view them Friday, May 9th, during the Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll, or during our extensive gallery showroom hours.

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