No Mas! handcrafted Catrinas by Mexican artist Erik Fuentes

Original Handcrafted Catrina Sculptures by Mexican Artist Erik Fuentes

Erik Fuentes’ Original Catrina Sculptures: Dia de los Muertos Art from Michoacan, Mexico

Catrinas by Erik Fuentes - Pirate, Nun, BishopA young Mexican artist with a great talent, Erik Fuentes, only in his early twenties, demonstrates great skill in the creation of these works of art, referred to generally as “Catrinas” (the male figures as “Catrines”).  Painstakingly sculpted in minute detail, the skeletal figures wear elaborate costumes with accessories ranging from headdresses to clinging monkeys.

Classic Catrinas
Bishops, nuns, brides & grooms, doctors, soldiers, bakers – all walks of life are depicted.  With sizes from a tiny 4 inch height to nearly 2 feet tall, these colorful, hand painted works of art with their expressive “faces” bring a new light to “Day of the Dead”.

Expressive Catrinas, in the Frida Kahlo style.Frida Kahlo, well associated with Day of the Dead, is another popular subject.  Erik has created a whole series of Catrinas dressed to depict Frida Kahlo, in many colors, with the favored monkey and birds, and in her stylized headdress.

What is Dia de los Muertos?

The altar at No Mas!, honoring Dia de los Muertos.Honoring loved ones who have passed, Day of the Dead is celebrated in many countries.  A dinner may be prepared in honor of the dear departed; graves are cleaned and decorated with flowers and candles.

Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday with roots dating back thousands of years, honors friends and family who have passed. Altars for the loved one are put on the specially cleaned grave or at home, with photos, marigolds, fruit, and candles, and a meal is “shared” with the dear departed, with all their favorite foods. Symbolizing Dia de los Muertos, the Catrina, a figure of a skeleton woman, Miniature Catrinas, one as a Bride.dressed to the nines to party, or simply going about her business in day to day life, is a popular choice for costuming and face painting. No Mas! brings this time honored Mexican tradition to Atlanta with an impressive array of Catrinas from the tiny ceramic to the fifteen foot Catrina permanently on display. Painstakingly created from ceramic, the hand painted Catrinas include every detail from the delicate, intricate bones of the hand to elaborate details of dress and accessories. No Mas! has spent 17 years bringing the arte de Mexico to Atlanta, honoring the artistic and creative endeavors of crafts of Mexico in many media, including carved wood, wrought iron, stone, blown glass, ceramics, and painting.

Catrinas in various dressNo Mas! Catrinas by Erik Fuentes - Nun & Pirates

Erik Fuentes’ incredibly detailed Catrinas, made by the young artist of Michoacan, honoring those beloved who have passed: fine collectibles now available in No Mas! Hacienda showroom.

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