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Pop Top Purses & Bags – Upcycling at Its Finest

No Mas - pop top upcycling dog collar on figurineReduce, Reuse, Re- , uh, UPcycle!

Upcycling in art and production has been around for decades — creative reuse of objects and materials, as opposed to recycling, which breaks down products into new materials.  Reaching new heights in fashion, the new Pop Top Purses & Bags, many of which also incorporate upcycled inner tubes, catch the eye, and are not first identified as reused material.

No Mas - pop top clutch with inner tubeCreatively Repurposing…

Artist Arturo from San Miguel collects pop tops from schools and used inner tubes which he makes into handbags, coin purses, belts, and even dog collars. He works with schools in Mexico City, where he collects the aluminum soda tops and pays the children who, in turn, use the money to help people in need, for purchases such as wheelchairs.

…To Save the World – with Upcycling

No Mas - red crochet pop top purse with angel figureWith a great concern for the environment, Arturo says, “The materials we use ensure that earth and all its species may count on a suitable environment and a sufficient space to live.  It is imperative to live a life of quality.  As long as we maintain the natural resources we were provided with, we can better maintain our world.”  His business “…works for a cause:  the world and all its inhabitants.  Through the years, many handmade goods have been substituted by mass assembly line production with the use of machines.  We make an effort to combat the main cause of environmental deterioration in the world, in addition to poverty.  This promotes that people, instead of machines, have an income-based work, while giving our world its proper care.”

No Mas - pop top purse by figurineMaking the effort that all of their products are both eco-friendly and one of a kind – and beautiful! – Arturo’s dedication to the earth and its materials and our role in contributing to viable solutions for preserving the environment, while also facilitating better health and quality of life, through upcycling!

Now on exhibit and available for purchase in the No Mas! Artisan Market.

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