Cabo Furniture

No Mas! Original Designs

A love of the shoreline, waves, and wind inspires this collection of Cabo Furniture.  Designed to harmonize with the natural environment, this line is meant to be comfortable.  The interesting forms and materials come together in a rich contrast of textures that accentuate the Cabo styled pieces of the collection.

Cabo furniture

Nest Chair Oriole Nest

Cabo furnitureClimb into the Nest Chair and feel like you are swaying high on a limb, safe from the dangers on the forest floor.  This unique hanging chair is a human sized interpretation of the Oriole’s hanging nest. Known as the Oropéndola in Spanish, this yellow and black bird builds a hanging nest high up in the branches of the tree. Here its young are hatched to the soft swaying of the passing breezes.





Cabo furnitureAs a No Mas! original, it’s easy to see the development from inspiration through design to finished exciting product.  The curious manner in which an Oropéndola weaves its nest may seem simple when compared to the painstaking soaking, winding, and binding that our weavers undergo when producing our Nest Chair.

Newly added are the floor standing nest chairs Nido Piso and Nido Copa that allow you to enjoy making your own grouping of comfortable nests even if you don’t have a spot to hang the original Nest Chair.

Also available: Nest Chair Ottomans, Tables, and Lanterns

The Rocker Hammock is one of the most unusual recliners to hit the shore.  It is a hammock that doesn’t hang, yet sways you gently with a rocking motion.  Made of a durable welded steel frame, it is powder coated for protection from the elements.  The comfortable weaving of the hammock is made from UV resistant PVC cord and meant to last.  Perfect for a sunroom, out on the deck, high up on the balcony, or better yet…. right down at the shoreline amidst the gentle lapping waves ….ready for a margarita?