Origenes Leather

No Mas! carries a complete portfolio of Origenes leather purses, handbags, wallets and clutches from Origenes and YEO. These fine bags are created by hand using only the finest techniques in tooling and stitching. Well known by travelers to, and locals in Mexico, these personal adornments will compliment your look in the best way. For years David Luna has brought creativity to all of his most unique products including these amazing pocketbooks.

It’s one thing to look good on the outside, but, quite another to be good through and through. So after admiring the intricate exterior, take a look inside your soon to be favorite purse and you will be a believer. Well thought out details for starters and fully lined. Coordinating leather accents and easy to grab quality zippers. Not overly exaggerate each inner pocket is appropriately placed and lined for durability. Right down to the handles these bags are quality and beauty.

Designs of the bags range from wallets to a convenient size big enough to carry on as a weekend travel bag. Small and compact, the wallets are just right to fit in your purse or just carry alone as a small clutch. The hand tooled accents are quality wether large bag or small. Some of the smaller purses are made with out handles and have magnetic snaps that help close them securely. The handled bags are made with woven leather handles for comfort. They are stitched or attached with rivets for longevity.

This spring the newest designs have cut through patterns that compliment the leather tooling. Often floral and reminiscent of our western heritage these timeless patterns are handsome and accented further by the contrasting texture of the woven jute background. The edges of these beauties are defined by a spiral laced leather strap that compliments the overall style.