Sonora Mexican Pottery

Mexican pottery has never been so colorful as this collections. Here you will find the reflections of hues and tones from the Sonora desert.  These pots are hand turned on the potter’s wheel, fired and hand painted. The finishes are bright and complex. They are perfect for accenting rustic, southwestern, Mexican or even contemporary decor. Often times more is better and a set of three of these vases is perfect in a window or console. Brighten up a corner of the kitchen with a vase of dried flowers.

The sentiment of earthenware from the pueblito is captured by this artistically crafted pottery. From the smallest bowl to the biggest water vessel, attention to form and finish creates the attractive look of this collection. The bounty of colors makes choosing the right vase easy. There is something about a hand made piece of pottery that satisfies an admiration for primitive art. True to the roots of hand built clay these vessels exemplify the simple rhythm of form and function.

Pottery suns have always been a popular decorative element for south western homes. In our Sonora Mexican Pottery collection we include a more subtle sun and moon that accent the pottery finishes perfectly. They are a happy pair smiling down form the heavens. Hand painted with all the care that the artist puts into the pottery vases.

Along with all of the options in vessel shapes we have also included the simple sphere. The pottery spheres are available in all of the finishes to match the pottery. They look great as a set of three graduated sizes, but, they can stand alone as an accent in a sun room or living space. They are a perfect contrast to modern decor as they have a complex finish that plays well in a minimalist setting.