Just another batch of remote summer homes swallowed up by just another small city growing out of its bound to encompass the surrounding country side. Well, in simplest form yes, but in essence Tlaquepaque is much much more. This small corner of Guadalajara is just that, huge summer homes that were once upon a time remote weekend or seasonal get aways for the wealthy of the nearby big city. Today they have been adaptively re-used as restaurants, stores, galleries and even work shops for artisans. Here you will find a bounty of wrought iron, paintings, jewelry and glass. The quality of which is outstanding as the crafts have been practiced for generations and the skills handed down from father to son.

Here is a somewhat Bohemian collection of towns people. Now home to various ex-pat’s and escaping designers from the North, you will find many creative types making Mexico their permanent home. Now free from many of the stresses of the high pressure northern lifestyle. Retiring or making a living here is enjoyable and your neighbors are genuine craftsmen. Some of little fame and others who are well known artists like Ernesto Cruz and Augustin Para.

Our Tlaquepaque collection exemplifies some of the modern movement in Mexican art that has made its way into this traditional town. Bright colors in modern frames, forms that contrast and excite. The works are like Mondrian squares with a relief that bring them to life. Starting with river reed as a base product these pieces are also a very “green” art form. The reeds are gathered and pounded to a pulp, a method much like the traditional way of making paper. The artist then forms each tile and it is laid in the sun to bake. The amazing color is added by brush to finish off each element before it is mounted in the modern frame.

Each piece has a meaning and inspiration all its own. The elements of nature, earth, water, air and fire are one of the most striking combinations. They are also represented in individual frames that can be grouped on a wall to make a large statement.

Furnishing with art is a great idea. Art as life to your surroundings and makes your space more your own. Try one of these framed triptychs in the bedroom, it can be hung as a modern headboard. The sculptures set off their surroundings as artistic and creative. They have reflections of the hanging works and accent well in the same area. They can be made to feel more impressive when placed on a pedestal.

These represent product that demonstrates the vast array of colors, patterns and shapes we can make. It does not represent our in-stock selection. For a current selection or if you require a special design for a hospitality project, please contact us.