Sinks from Mexico – Talavera, Copper, Onyx and more

Talavera, Copper, Cantera Stone, Onyx, Marble and Glass. This architectural category has many variations in materials that we can make for you. All can be made in various sizes and special designs are welcome. Just tell us your ideas and we can make something special for you. Contact us for a free consultation!

Most of the sinks below have been sold. We are showing you the variety and uniqueness of the product we offer and have the ability to create for your project.

Stone Sinks:


Copper Sinks

Glass Sinks-Original No Mas! Design

We work with over 300 artisans throughout Mexico. The glass sinks are about to be cleaned in the special solution before being sent to our Atlanta Showroom. We can make them in various colors to fulfill your design pallet. Give us a call!

IMG_0023 IMG_0025

Onyx Sinks:

The magic of this material is the translucent glow when lit from below. Each sink has its own character, so beautiful and unique. We have the ability to create custom shapes as well that can be used for table tops, patio tables, bar tops and decorative accents. What can we make for you?

Talavera Sinks:

This traditional Talavera Sink can be found in Mexico but the price is the same at No Mas! For Hospitality projects, we can make custom designs and in various sizes. We carry a variety of designs and sizes that may not be represented below. Let us know about your special project.