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No Mas .925 Sterling Silver Cuff BraceletThe sparkle of new earrings, a beautiful cuff bracelet, rings, No Mas cufflinks and walletscufflinks, or any of the extensive collection of solid sterling .925 silver jewelry at No Mas! Hacienda will warm the heart of your loved one – we have styles for both men and women.  Like us on Facebookfacebook iconand we’ll LOVE you with 20% Off Sterling Silver Bracelets, Bangles, & Cuffs through Valentine’s Day – while supplies last.  Our enormous showroom features handcrafted works of more than 300 artisans from Mexico, in nearly every medium, from carved wood, ceramNo Mas .925 Silver & Gemstone Braceletsics, stone, glass, wrought iron, to solid sterling .925 silver jewelry. Looking for something out of the No Mas Handmade Leather Purses from Mexicoordinary? Come peruse our gallery showroom: hand tooled leather purses & wallets, gift size original oil paintings on canvas, scarves, sculptures, ceramic vases, blown glass – an enormous collection with something for everyone. Enjoy dinner or lunch and stroll through the showroom with your favorite beverage. View some of our collection now at

Romantic Dinner + Mexican Shopping in Atlanta’s Downtown Castleberry Hill

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14th, at No Mas! Cantina with a special menu for you and your sweetheart. Sweet & tangy flavors with a hint of chili spice + chocolate, long considered aphrodisiacs. From appetizer to dessert, we’ve designed our Valentine’s Day Menu especially for this romantic day. For starters, choose from the fresh “Ensalada de Pasion”, tossed in passion fruit vinaigrette, exotic “Tostones de Carnitas”, flavorful slow roasted pork with guacamole on fried plantains, or “Camarónes del Fuego”, jumbo shrimp and fresh avocado with jalapeño vinaigrette. No Mas White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake The entrée selections include our original recipe, “Res Chipotliada”, beef tenderloin with chipotle chocolate dry rub. And the desserts! For your postre, our “White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake” competes with “Chocolate de Enamorado”, No Mas Chocolate Covered Strawberrieschocolate covered strawberries & fresh artisan chocolate truffles, for the chocolate lover’s attention. Our special prix fixe menu is available for two – or one, if you’re so inclined; even individual pricing if you’d like to sample just one of the dishes. See the full Valentine’s Menu and make reservations here. In our ADios Café, luscious freshly made truffles are available for your sweet in many flavors. Order now for best selection 404-574-5678.

How to Say “I Love You”

Did you know there are two ways to say, “I love you.” In Spanish? “Te quiero” is used between friends and family members, while “Te amo” has a deeper, romantic meaning. Valentine’s Day is a long tradition, originally honoring St. Valentine, who was beheaded in ancient Rome for performing weddings for young lovers, against the edict of Claudius. Some say it’s to honor Cupid, the god of Love, to whom offerings were made to ask for the ideal love – we definitely see the image of a roly poly cherub with a bow and arrow associated with many Valentines, so the modern Valentine’s Day may well be a fusion of the two.

Valentine’s Day in Mexico

Mexica, the ancient civilization that inhabited Mexican soil, had a divinity that personified Love – actually, two: Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal. Xochipilli, meaning “prince of the flowers”, was the god of Love, games, beauty, dance, flowers, corn and songs. His twin sister or wife, Xochiquetzal, which means “precious flower or ornate bird”, was associated with the fertility of nature, and their son was Centeotl, the god of corn. To honor of this pair of gods, four days of fasting was observed, during which they sacrificed by inserting maguey thorns into their tongues and made offerings of bread and corn, with dancing to the beat of drums called teponaztli. Maybe we could do without the thorns!

The practices celebrating Valentine’s Day vary around the world, but chocolate, flowers, and food are the mainstays. In Mexico, both lovers & friends are honored, with gifts, flowers, poetry, a special meal – a lovely tradition worth spreading; another reason to pamper our loved ones, friends and family. Valentine’s Day translates as “Día de San Valentin”, but it’s more commonly referred to in Mexico as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, the “day of love and friendship.” Flowers, candy, and balloons are commonly given to romantic partners, but it’s also a day to show appreciation for friends.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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