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No Mas! - Handbags from Upcycled Book Covers

Timely Handbags Made from Books – Upcycled for Fashion Savvy Woman

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Now for Fashion! These unusual handbags, made in Mexico from reused Mexican books, with titles en Español, have found a second life for fashion savvy women.  Truly “pocketbooks”!  Rescued from no longer wanted libraries, these unique upcycled book purses have become a fashion accessory with something to say.  The covers range from colorful to […]

No Mas! - Pop Top purses and bags - upcycling

Pop Top Purses & Bags – Upcycling at Its Finest

Reduce, Reuse, Re- , uh, UPcycle! Upcycling in art and production has been around for decades — creative reuse of objects and materials, as opposed to recycling, which breaks down products into new materials.  Reaching new heights in fashion, the new Pop Top Purses & Bags, many of which also incorporate upcycled inner tubes, catch the […]