Tin Sun Wall Art by Mexican Artist Mario Rodriguez

Mario has been Making tin suns for over twenty years. A native of Guadalajara Mexico, he established himself in a nearby pueblo where he uses a combination of plasma and torch for cutting the intricate patterns. He is proud to say his designs are all created by him. And even adds that he will not produce designs by competitors with the inference that he would like the same respect in return.

The suns designs are varied. The one that first caught our attention was the multiple patterns that occur with the effect of lighting. For example: A first look shows a regular sun with plasma cut patterns; upon lighting it you can see a beautiful tree pattern in the background. Mario is passionate about his work and even trained his son his techniques to pass his artistic talents to the next generation. He can even make custom designs for restaurants and special designs.

Tin Sun Artist Mario Rodriguez

Perforated Tin Sun designs are varied and only limited by ones imagination. This sun, when lighted, shows the tree pattern that is not visible otherwise. Many of Mario’s designs have a dual design when lighted.


Tin Sun Artist Mario Rodriguez

Mario explains the process for making pierced tin suns for wall decoration. This is the raw metal before the colorful paint is applied.


Tin Sun Artist Mario Rodriguez

Mario explains the plasma cutting process for making the Mayan Calendar pattern on this perforated tin sun.


Tin Sun Artist Mario Rodriguez

Tin Sun Artist Mario Rodriguez shows his work and explains that every sun design is his own creation.


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