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Timely Handbags Made from Books – Upcycled for Fashion Savvy Woman

No Mas! Upcycled Book Handbag Gran DiccionarioReduce, Reuse, Recycle – Now for Fashion!

These unusual handbags, made in Mexico from reused Mexican books, with titles en Español, have found a second life for fashion savvy women.  Truly “pocketbooks”!  Rescued from no longer wanted libraries, these unique upcycled book purses have become a fashion accessory with something to say.  The covers range from colorful to gilt, so something for every wardrobe statement.  Choose by color or title.

No Mas! Upcycled Book Handbag threeTitle Samples

Modern Business, by Alexander Hamilton Institute

Capitalismo, Socialismo and Democracia

El Mundo del Arte… to name a few.


Finely Crafted Upcycled Purses

Artist Agapito Espinosa of Jalisco, Mexico, has been producing these unique handbags for two years, made from upcycled book covers.  His two adult children and wife work in the business with him, since it has taken off due to the desire for recycled and reused products. No Mas! discovered Agapito while at a large outdoor market in Mexico.

The artist carefully matches the fabric sides, clasp strap, and inside to the colors of the book itself. The strap is made of vinyl or chain, depending on the bag. These are great gifts for nostalgia, humor, or fashion savvy individuals.

Featured in the No Mas! Hacienda ARTISAN MARKET for the Feb. 10, 2017 Castleberry Hill 2nd Friday Art Stroll.

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